RAS Featured on ‘Inside the Spitfire Factory’

RAS Completions have had the honour to complete the paint restoration project for the famous 1943 Spitfire MJ755 known as “THE GREEK.”  Not only has this been an exciting project for our paint shop, but we are also featured on the amazing six-part docu-series “Inside the Spitfire Factory” now streaming on More4.

Whitworth Media have captured our capabilities during this series amazingly, and we have had the pleasure to work on many Spitfire projects.  In our hangar, Whitworth Media filmed members of our professional paint team preparing and painting the fuselage as we restored it back to its camouflage colours along with the blue and white Greek colour roundels.  The aircraft will be returned to us to be completed once the filming of the aircraft has finished.  The Spitfire Company are hoping to have this renowned aircraft back in the sky by Christmas 2020.

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