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PPW Shields Are Fully Approved By GDC Technics, 21J DOA, For Installation

RAS Interiors are proud to announce the creation of a simple but very effective piece of equipment, our new Passenger Protection Window (PPW).  This concept was introduced following the current global pandemic and the effect it has had on the aviation industry.  

Designed to help airlines avoid the financial pain they are feeling, and operate a normal service, the PPW enhances passenger experience, allowing operators to fill every seat (except emergency exit position seats, seats occupied by disabled persons or seats with in-arm tables).

A Senior GP states:- “When used in conjunction with face masks and hand gel, the PPW will reduce lateral droplet transmission.”

Our photos show the trial installation onto pax seats on an A320 aircraft however, the PPW is suitable for all aircraft types.

screens 1

→ Aisle width unaffected

→ Egress in and out of seats unaffected

→ Seat meal table fully operational

→ Placards unaffected

→ Seat back LCD screens can be used 

→ Full access to drop down oxygen masks

→ Seat recline unaffected

To hear the background of the PPW’s and how they work click here to watch Roger Patron, our Business Development Manager interview with the recognisable, We Are Finn as they discuss the enhancing impact our Passenger Protection Window can have on aircraft internationally..

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