Our Business Development Manager’s Interview with We Are Finn

Roger Patron, our Business Development Manager, continues to promote the enhancing impact our Passenger Protection Window can have on aircraft internationally during this interview with the recognisable, We Are Finn.

The PPW remains an eye catching piece of equipment, with enquiries consistently being addressed by our hard-working Interior team.  Not only has it already been beneficial for several aircraft companies, the initial purpose continues to be recognised on various media platforms around the world.  During this interview, we also demonstrate how simple and effortless it is to install the PPW on to any cabin seat.

This discussion doesn’t just focus on the PPW, it also shows the recent exciting projects we have completed, along with Roger explaining all our in-house capabilities that we have been fortunate enough to carry on fulfilling throughout these difficult times.

RAS remains as the one-stop shop for all aircraft exterior and interior requirements and we continue to look forward to working with all new and existing clients.

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