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RAS Group based at London Biggin Hill Airport is the ideal private location only 19 miles away from busy Central London. Together, RAS Completions and RAS Interiors Limited offer a wide array of services all under one roof, making it the ideal one stop shop for all your aircraft exterior and interior requirements.

RAS Completions formed in February 1996, directed by Russell Pitt and Chris Ransley, and quickly grew into a well-recognised and reputable company with excellent customer service. RAS creates the highest quality of work to ISO 9001:2015 standard overseen by Group Operations/Finance Manager, Helen Croxford, who joined in 1999. With over 20 years tenure in the industry RAS Completions work internationally carrying out work from minor touch ups to full aircraft resprays in our 28,000ft² hangar.

RAS Interiors was introduced to the aviation industry in 2011 and has made a mark in the aircraft interiors industry by rapidly becoming known for carrying out EASA solutions of both Part 21 and Part 145 approved work. RAS Interiors offer a wealth of experience with a highly skilled design department overseen by Head of Design, Kevin Hann, a talented workshop and production team supervised by Carl Ebdale and a superior sales and customer service department lead by Roger Patron.

Russell Pitt
Founder and Co-Owner

Russell Pitt has been in the aviation industry for over 36 years, specialising in the completions sector since 1987. He founded RAS in 1996 as an aircraft exterior respray and refurbishment company. One of the most successful sales and marketing strategists in the industry, Russell understood the opportunity to develop an interiors sector 8 years ago and that has been one of the most successful strategic decisions the company has gone through.

Russell leads the company in new business development and global expansion while managing both the exterior and interior sectors of the business. Russell has enjoyed the challenges and significant growth of the industry over the past 20 years and is excited about the future global growth.

Chris Ransley
Founder and Co-Owner

Chris Ransley is one of the co-founders and developers of RAS. With over 30 years’ experience in the aviation industry Chris has been referred to as an expert in the field of aircraft resprays and currently heads all aircraft exterior projects within RAS. His project management skills are both adaptable and proactive which have helped make RAS a world leader in large, medium and small sized aircraft resprays. His experience as a painting apprentice, painter, and paint shop supervisor at companies such as MetAir, Hunting Aviation and Trace WorldWide has given Chris an understanding of professional painting technique which he instills into his highly skilled paint team. His attention to detail and requirements for excellence create an environment that produces some of the highest quality paintwork in the industry.

Kevin Hann
Head of Design

Kevin Hann heads up the design and certification department at RAS. He has been the Head of Design for RAS Interiors since its conception 8 years ago and has helped build up that section of the company immensely. Kevin is in charge of ensuring the quality of output meets all regulatory demands and that all design is appropriately facilitated and translated to both the production team and our clients. Kevin is a large asset to RAS because he has worked through all levels of the aviation design industry over the last 35 years, with large aerospace interiors companies such as; British Aerospace, Testori Interiors, McCarthy Interiors and Mann Aviation. This experience has given Kevin highly skilled abilities in advanced design and modelling techniques which aided him in becoming an official CEng/MRAeS chartered engineer.

Carl Ebdale
Engineering Manager

Carl Ebdale has been with RAS for over 7 years and oversees the engineering and manufacturing department. With a background in aviation and project management, Carl Ebdale approaches each project by working backwards from its objectives and creating a plan that carries the whole team towards a perfectly manufactured and installed interior. As an experienced project manager being in the aviation industry for over 37 years working for big names such as Hunting Aviation, Alan Mann, Gamma Aviation and McCarthy, Carl has been able to develop extraordinary employees and engineering skills which he adapts those to each new project. As a manager, he holds the belief that the most successful projects begin and end with clear lines of communication between all parties involved.

Helen Croxford
Group Operations/Finance Manager

Helen Croxford is a valued employee of RAS and has been on board managing accounts for over 18 years. She is a multidisciplinary leader where her role encompasses a range of responsibilities including operations, business management, communications and organisational behaviour. Helen works closely with the company’s leadership team to develop highly effective business processes that spans the creative, development and administrative strategy teams. One of Helen’s many skills is in managing accounts and is responsible for the management of relationships with clients to make sure they are kept satisfied with our services and communication. In addition to overseeing external systems, Helen helps manage and motivate staff members to cultivate an exceptional working environment.

Beverley Winter
Quality Manager

Beverley Winter has been a member of RAS since January 2018. Beverley leads RAS’s quality department and as Quality Manager she promotes, develops, and oversees compliance of the company’s quality system. Effectively ensuring compliance of customer requirements by managing quality policies, standards, procedures, programs and practices whilst driving and facilitating continuous improvement. Beverley has dedicated her working career to quality management and has been employed through all quality control positions during the last 11 years both at Aerospace Logistics Ltd and Berwick Industries Ltd. Her attention to detail and wealth of experience have contributed to the approval of numerous major airline and aircraft manufacturers.

Roger Patron
Business Development Manager

Roger Patron has been with RAS for the past 5 years and has become an invaluable asset to our team. Roger has an impressive resume with over 20 years’ experience working in the aviation industry under companies like A.I.R., Aviation Furnishings Limited and McCarthy Interiors Limited. This working experience coupled with Roger’s education, holding both BEng and HND certifications in mechanical aeronautics and production engineering makes him the perfect link to educate clients and articulate their needs. Roger has the invaluable ability to translate a client’s goal into an actionable design package and he excels at visualising concepts for clients so they can make empowered and informed decisions.

Shannon Bennett
Compliance Manager

As RAS’s Compliance Manager, Shannon works in day-to-day operations to help promote a healthy work environment within the workspace. Shannon has worked for RAS the last 5 years ensuring the communication between departments and clients is always efficient and timely. In the aviation industry where communication is key she looks for opportunities to add a personal touch and build positive connections that ensure a better understanding of needs and expectations. Operating primarily at our airside hangar within the Interiors department Shannon maintains a line of communication between managers of the design, sales, marketing and operations teams to ensure a unanimous and coalited effort in performing tasks and completing projects. The Compliance Manager’s position can best be described as the glue that holds the separate elements of RAS together and Shannon does an excellent job achieving this goal.

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